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Retirement Planning

Your Pension

By committing a small portion of today’s income for later on in

your life, you will greatly boost your lifestyle in the future.


This can be achieved by a regular contribution to your

retirement plan or by investing a lump sum of money for your



We have huge experience in this area and have the knowledge

to provide you with solid investment and retirement

planning advice.


We can review your existing pension policies to ensure that

you understand what you have and crucially, what to expect

from your plans when you need it. 


We advise on:

Many of our clients have already seen the benefits of their hard work and savings and are now enjoying comfortable lifestyles, with the help of their savings and pension plans through Giblin Financial Services Limited.


  • Personal Pensions

  • Company Pensions

  • Self-Administered Pension Funds – invest your own way.

  • Group Pension Schemes – for multiple employees.

  • Post-retirement Pensions – Approved (Minimum) Retirement Funds and Annuities

  • Buy-Out Bonds - from an Occupation Pension Scheme

  • Personal Retirement Savings Accounts

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