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Working together

What to expect when you contact Giblin Financial Services Limited as a Company Director.

We believe that your company should work for you!

Do you know that Revenue allow generous allowances for you to take personal wealth from your company?

Your company may also ensure that your income is protected if you cannot work due to an accident or illness.

We can work with your accountant to ensure that you get the most tax efficient solutions available.

Read how GFS Limited, helped two local Company Directors to make changes and improve their future.


A local Accountant approached me to join him on a taxation brainstorm with two Company Director clients at their freight depot in county Clare. We soon realised that the directors were paying unnecessary tax and missing out on creating personal wealth from their company.

We applied to Revenue for approval for Executive Pension arrangements and both Company Directors are now extracting personal wealth through their companies, with no income tax being applied.

Executive Pensions are an extremely tax efficient way of providing pension benefits for Company Directors, family members employed in the business and other key employees.

We are proud to say that our two Company Directors are happy clients of ours for some time now and our biggest challenge is to ensure that they do not exceed Revenue’s pension funding limits! They are now looking forward to tax-free retirement lump sums of €200,000 each and are planning for a far less stressful and earlier retirement than they had imagined before we met.

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